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How to work at your highest potential: As an assistant, you spend much of your day taking care of your executive(s). It's time you take care of yourself. Learn how to Be the CEO of You, Inc.

Leading your executive(s): Stop reacting. Learn how to be proactive, take charge, and build a powerful business partnership with your executive(s).

AI, emotional intelligence, and the future of assistants: Will robots take our jobs? Will software tell us what to do? Will assistants be necessary? Learn how to embrace and utilize AI and develop your emotional intelligence so you aren't left in the dust.

If you’re ready to stop reacting and start leading...

If you're ready to be the CEO of You, Inc...

If you're ready to level up and work at your highest potential...

Then this motivational and practical training is for you!

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    Leader Assistant Live - Replay of Sessions from Feb 10, 2020

    • Welcome!

    • Session 1: Be the CEO of You, Inc (Bonnie Low-Kramen)

    • Bonus Resources and Articles from Bonnie Low-Kramen

    • Session 2: AI and the Future of Assistants (Jeremy Burrows)

    • Bonus Resources from Jeremy Burrows

    • Session 3: Lessons Learned Supporting Silicon Valley Executives (Al-Husein Madhany)

    • Panel Q&A (Bonnie, Al-Husein, and Jeremy)



Taneel M., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

I left the Leader Assistant Live event feeling very empowered! I now truly feel like I am not just an Assistant, I am a Leader Assistant.

Fun, Genuine, Inspiring...

Kelly R., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

The event was awesome! I loved the attention to detail at every turn. The presenters were accurate, helpful, inspiring, genuine, and FUN! I can't say enough... THANK YOU!!!


Betsy B., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

This was an eye-opening event! It challenged me to own my future rather than relying on the company I work for to show me the way.