Are you ready to lead?

  • This video course includes an advance PDF copy of The Leader Assistant book, plus training from the author – longtime EA and podcast host, Jeremy Burrows.

  • Gain the confidence and ability to conquer the challenges that most assistants try to avoid.

  • Includes screen-share walkthroughs on how to audit your executive's calendar, setting up an Ideal Week Calendar, and tips on email management.

Assistant, you are a leader.

Invest in your future.

Course Outline

A video companion course to The Leader Assistant book.

  • 1

    Introduction: Are you ready to lead?

    • Welcome + What to Expect...

  • 2

    PILLAR 1: Embody the Characteristics

    • Chapter 1: The Essential Characteristics

    • Chapter 2: The Game-Changing Characteristics

    • Chapter 3: Discerning

    • Chapter 4: Steady

    • Chapter 5: Confident

    • Chapter 6: Humble

    • Chapter 7: Future-Proof

  • 3

    PILLAR 2: Employ the Tactics

    • Chapter 8: Time Management

    • Chapter 9: Task and Interruption Management

    • Chapter 10: Calendar

    • Chapter 11: Meetings

    • Chapter 12: Email

    • Chapter 13: Travel

    • Chapter 14: Professional Development

    • Chapter 15: Goals

    • Chapter 16: Negotiation

    • Chapter 17: The Perfect Resume (Bonus Video from Al-Husein Madhany)

    • Chapter 18: Communication

  • 4

    PILLAR 3: Engage in Relationships

    • Chapter 19: The Dehumanization of Assistants

    • Chapter 20: Networking with Assistants

    • Chapter 21: Your Executive

    • Chapter 22: Your Coworkers

  • 5

    PILLAR 4: Exercise Self-Care

    • Chapter 23: Burnout Creep

    • Chapter 24: Burnout Stressors and Signs

    • Chapter 25: Five Antidotes to Burnout

  • 6

    Conclusion: Assistant, You are a Leader.

    • Thank you and keep leading well!


Jeremy Burrows

Jeremy Burrows is a longtime executive assistant, international speaker and trainer, author of The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant, and host of the #1 podcast for assistants – The Leader Assistant Podcast. His passion is helping assistants and executives lead well without burning out. Jeremy has worked with CEOs, professional athletes, Fortune 100 board members, billionaires, pastors—and their assistants—in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.  He’s currently EA to the Founder and CEO of Capacity, an artificial intelligence SaaS company.  Jeremy lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife, Meg, and their boys, Weston and Silas. To connect with Jeremy or learn more about his training resources for executives and assistants, visit


  • Do I need a copy of The Leader Assistant book to take this course?

    While it's not required, I refer to the book throughout the course, so to get the most out of the course, be sure to grab a copy of The Leader Assistant book as well. NOTE: Before the book's release date in June 2020, this course will include an advance PDF copy of the book.

  • How long will I have access to the content in the course?

    All enrollments include lifetime access, even when the price goes up in the future. That way you can utilize the resources in the course next month or next year.

  • I can't afford this course.

    Investing in oneself to gain knowledge that can help you own your career and livelihood comes at a price. Most people just don't care enough about their careers to take a small risk. It's also been proven that people don't take training as seriously if they're not personally invested in it.

  • I have a different question not listed.

    Don't see your question on this list? Reach out to us at – we'd love to help!